UreTron Ultrasonic Lithotripter

What our system offers

The UreTron system offers a quick and easy way to safely harness more power to fragment and aspirate multiple types of calculi with a wide range of probes and other equipment.

Calcium oxalate fragments

About Us.

Ultratellege USA focuses on the development of novel ultrasonic devices for therapy in human medicine. 

uretron ct scan

Ultratellege USA applies cutting-edge control and vibration theory to the ultrasonic field.

What People Says About Us.

“The UreTron compares favorably to alternative state-of-the-art intracorporeal lithotriptors with faster stone clearance rates and equivalent clinical outcomes.”

- Dr. James E. Lingeman, MD

“UreTron lets us grind through stones more quickly and efficiently than ever before, but my favorite thing about it is that we can now hear ourselves talk and think while doing it!”

- Dr. Thomas Chi, MD